Membership at Dinas Powis
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Membership Prices 2020

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Our membership runs from 1st August to 31st July each year. Prospective adult members wishing to join throughout the year may be offered pro rata 1st year fees depending on their joining date. Please contact for more information.

Membership Category Price Per Annum
Adult (First Year Offer) £495.00
Adult 18-24yrs £100.00
Adult 25-27yrs £300.00
Adult 28-30yrs £400.00
Adult 31-37yrs £600.00
Adult 38+yrs £800.00
Juniors (U18's) £10.00
5 day Midweek Membership £650.00
Country membership (must live more than 50 miles from course) £317.00

Downloadable Forms

If you wish to make use of the standing order process then you must make contact with the club secretary by phone or email.