The course is open. With the following restrictions:

Course Open

The course is open to members and visitors.

The bar is open

Members and visitors must pre-book tee times. Members online visitors via the professional shop.

Wales Golf Annoucement

Following the recent Wales Golf Announcement from Saturday 17th July the following rules and restrictions will no longer apply.

The temporary rule that the flagstick must stay in and not be touched is removed. You may now either remove the flag stick, ask for it to be tended i.e., it is held or lifted slightly and then removed once the ball is struck OR leave it in.

It is strongly recommended that only one player in the group handles the flag stick on each hole, if that is not possible then sanitise before another handles it.

Lift and place within 6 inches in a bunker as a temporary rule of golf is rescinded and bunkers should be back in full play.

Rakes will be returned to the course.

Please ensure you rake the bunker after you have played out of it as players behind landing in any footprints or marks will not now be entitled to free relief.
Once you have raked please place the rake back in the bunker.

All players are advised they should carry hand sanitiser with them and use it before/after touching the flag stick or rake.

They should be sanitised on completion of the round using the sanitiser provided.

Players should remain in the same seat and not swap about, i.e., the driver should always drive to avoid unnecessary touching of areas by both players.

The temporary rules about cards and certifying a score are removed.
Players must now have their score verified by the marker, the card must be submitted and the rules of the submitted card apply. That is the marker must verify the score by signing the card. The card must be dated and the H/C index must be on the card - It is advised that the player mark his H/C index in the H/C box and the playing H/C for the day in the strokes received box.

Don’t forget the Playing H/C is your H/C index adjusted for the course slope rating to a course H/C and then reduced by the relevant percentage which in singles medal/stableford is 95%.

Digital cards may still be completed on V1 especially for casual rounds, but you must get your marking partner to verify on the app. Certifying markers must now be selected when using the apps to enter a score.

Social Distancing
The regulations will no longer give prominence to 2 metre physical distancing OUTDOORS. This does still currently apply when indoors.

Due to them not being used for such a long period of time, before they are authorised for use, we will be getting the water tested. So please do not use them until we make an official announcement.

Under Welsh Government legislation masks must still be worn in the clubhouse when not sat down eating/drinking.

Club Risk Assessment
The club risk assessment is being re-written as per Wales Golf guidance.

I am sure we are all happy to have the rules back to normal, however there is still risk when touching things so please be careful, keep to your cleanliness routine, sanitise often and be considerate of others.