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Spring Tankard 2019  Mr David Rutter
Davilla Cup 2019  Mr Ian Lake
Rogers Cup 2019  Mr Ian Lake
Rogers Bowl 2019  Mr Andrew Campbell
Colonel Gore Cup 2019  Mr Carl de Claire
Presidents Prize 2019  Mr Phil Cale
Captains Day 2019  Mr Simon Collins
Club Champion 2019  Mr Ian Lake
Club Championship (Div 2 10-17 Hcp) 2019  Mr Steve Yates
Club Championship (Div 3 18-28 Hcp) 2019  Mr Andrew Campbell
Tiger Trophy 2019  Mr James Nellany
Tiger Trophy (Div 2 10-17) 2019  Mr Kieren Hopkins
Tiger Trophy (Div 3 18-28) 2019  Mr David Roberts
Slade Cup 2019  Mr Joshua Thomas
Croft Bowl 2019  Mr Marc Postians
Sir Joseph Davies Cup 2019  Mr Ian Bavey
Autumn Tankard 2019  Mr Andrew Yates
Glamorgan Silver Salver 2019  Mr Anthony Wilton & Mr Gerry Byrne
Oscar Powell Cup 2019  Mr Andy Mat & Mr Gary Young
Rectors Brassie 2019  Mr Ian Bavey & Mr Grant Palmer
Hopefulls Cup 2019  Mr Gary Miller
Lewis Williams Cup 2019  Mr Greg Hird
Babini Cup 2019  Mr Dean Smith
F A Green Cup 2019  Mr Steve Saleh
Group Captain Bailey 2019  Mr Christopher Green
Royal British Legion (Under 50) 2019  Mr Marc Postians
Royal British Legion (Over 50) 2019  Mr Andy Mules
Winter League 2018/2019  Mr Paul Gibson & Mr Jeff Haines
Winter League Knockout 2018/2019  Mr Ian Barkley & Mr Alan Humphries
Golfer of the Year 2019  Mr Joshua Thomas


Hird Trophy 2019  Mr Nicholas Madge
Centenary Cup 2019  Mr Andy Jewell
Spenser Harrison Bowl 2019  Mr Richard Hird & Mrs Maxine Hird
Gwyn Nicholls Cup 2019  Mr Richard Hird & Mrs Maxine Hird
Kim Hall Trophy 2019  Mr Richard Hird, Mr Greg Hird & Mrs   Maxine Hird


Kim Cox Trophy 2019  Not Played


Club Champion 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle
Bronze Champion 2019  Mrs Ruth Yates
R.H. Seel Cup 2019  Mrs Samantha Saunders
R.H. Seel Bowl 2019  Mrs Samantha Saunders
F.A. Green Cup 2019  Mrs Samantha Saunders
Melrose Cup 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle
Woodland Bowl 2019  Mrs Ann Mahenthiralingam
Glamorgan County Salver 2019  Mrs Ann Mahenthiralingam
Frazer Bowl Foursomes 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle & Mrs Ann Mahenthiralingam
Mary Nicholls Trophy 2019  Mrs Maxine Hird & Mrs Samantha Saunders
Daily Mail Foursomes 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle & Mrs Lisa Ryley
Australian Spoons 2019  Mrs Maxine Hird & Mrs Samantha Saunders
Silver Challenge Bowl 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle
Bronze Challenge Bowl 2019  Mrs Maxine Hird
GUW Medal 2019  Mrs Ruth Yates
Jubilee 3’s 2019  Mrs Lisa Ryley, Mrs Maxine Hird &             Mrs Ruth Yates
Birdie Trophy 2019  Mrs Ann Mahenthiralingam
Par Trophy 2019  Mrs Sharon Jesson
Golfer of the Year 2019  Mrs Sue Bridle
Seniors Trophy 2019  Mrs Rhian Thomas
Nine Hole Prize 2019  Mrs Sharon Jesson
Presidents Prize 2019  Mrs Carolyn Jones