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New members are always welcome and we are having a great response to our special offers on membership for juniors, students and young adults.


Junior-offer-2017 – print leaflet

Juniors, and Young Adult Full 7 day membership 2017-2018

We are offering some very special deals to encourage younger members to take up golf. Providing a great opportunity for young people to learn a skill for life.

Juniors age under 18yrs £10

Young adults to 24 just £100

WHAT DO I NEED? Trainers (for initial visits/coaching) or golf shoes (preferred), shirts with collars and trousers or long shorts (Refer to Dress Code Page). We can loan equipment to get you started.

Sign up for Free Junior Coaching sessions in school holidays on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:15 am Please contact Gareth Bennett our Golf Professional on 029 2051 3682