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Jackdaws Section & Halletts Golf Society


This section caters for the mid to high handicappers of 18 – 36. To belong to the Jackdaws there is an annual fee of £10.00.

During the spring/summer months we meet on a Thursday evening where the tee is booked from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. This is a Stableford competition where 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are awarded. The entrance fee is £4.00. This is open to all golfers whatever handicap as long as they join the section. The Jackdaws run various competitions during the year and organise away days and other social events.

We also run the Hallets section in the club where we play in a competition against other golf clubs in the area on a home or away basis. Team games run between April and July and provide an excellent opportunity to experience different courses. This section is noted for it friendliness and is an ideal format to really enjoy your golf.

If you are interested in joining just turn up on a Thursday.

Thank you, and hope you enjoy your golf with us

Tony Vagges – Jackdaws Secretary


Halletts Golf Society                              

The Halletts golf society was established in 1946 at the end of the Second World War. Mr Arthur Hallett, a member of Wenvoe Castle Golf Club, was the main instigator of the society. He saw a way to meet fellow golfers of comparable handicaps, hold a social evening and fit in a game of golf at the same time. The spirit of the game is always friendly, even though there is an element of competition as well. There are 42 clubs who are members of the Halletts Cup Golf Society mostly based in the old counties of Mid-Glamorgan, South Glamorgan and Gwent although there is one member club in Powys and one in Gloucestershire.
Each year the 42 clubs are drawn into six leagues of seven clubs with every team in each league playing each other home and away. The six league winners then qualify for the play-off for a place in the final which is generally held at Wenvoe Castle. There is also a knock-out competition with the final at Wenvoe Castle.
The Aims
To familiarise new golfers with the Rules of the game, particularly those relating to etiquette.
To show by example that, in golf, standards of conduct are still considered important.
To teach players how to be competitive but still retain sportmanship and good social relationships.
To enable people to play a variety of courses, with the accent on inter club relationships.
To help new golfers pass through the society and on to teams playing off lower handicaps.
League Open Days
The winner of the league competition hosts an Open Day for all 42 teams in the following year, usually in late July/early August.  We enter a team of 4 which normally consists of the Hallett Captain and three others to be selected by a method of the Captains choosing.
There are also Hallett open days run by other clubs. For such events, each club enters a team of 4 although more teams may be permitted subject to availability (there is usually plenty of room for extra teams). Participation is on a first come first served basis and the entry fee is normally about £50 per team. Please check the Jackdaws notice board for details.